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Unlike other construction companies in the region, VICC is a very employee oriented company. We truly believe our people are our greatest assets and we treat them as precious, irreplaceable individuals whose talents are measured and nurtured on an individual basis.

We offer our employees innumerable opportunities for practicing their talents in different sectors of our myriad business areas throughout their career. Qualified staff in all areas of VICC (Accounting, HR, Administration, Inventory, Quality Control, Design, Construction, Laboratory etc.) has been utilized from developed International countries like the UAE & USA to team with local citizens in Afghanistan.

Each of these locations employs local residents and trained staff and also includes administrative and logistics centers for all work and projects.

Want To Intern With Us?

The future of the younger generation in the region we operate is of prime importance for us. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative, we focus on nurturing talent and shift the company to incremental levels of quality and industrialization.

VICC offers Internship Programs to young engineering specialists who have newly emerged from Universities and are equipped with specialist technical degrees. We typically cultivate new recruits and interview potential candidates for possible strengths and weaknesses. Interns are actively trained via Training Programs in different areas of construction, administration, and management, and this instills job-based skills within them.

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